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Content Translation

SKU / Word

Is Spanish or English not your thing? Say no more. We help you take your site global by translating your Content into Spanish or English with our word for word translation service. 

  1. Content Reception
  2. Content Review
  3. Content Clarification
  4. Content Translation
  5. Content Modifications
  6. Content Approval 
  7. Content Upload

Terms and Conditions

The Client must have its own Content ready for production in a Word file, and purchase the total amount of words specified in the file. Pricing is per word translated. The Content translation may vary according to the target

The Content Translation of the menu, the footer, the sidebars or widgets is included with your purchase unless the total quantity of translated words is more than 300 words. In this case, the Client will be obligated to purchase an additional unit of $79.99, or the units corresponding to the total amount of additional words translated into English or Spanish for such website components.

If the Client opts to purchase this service for a multi-page website with 5 pages, the Client must purchase 5 times this service. Translation of over 400 words per web page may generate additional charges.